Between the ages of 6 to 12 months is when we develop baby's taste buds.

Weaning starts the very first moment you give your baby something other than milk to eat.  This introduction to new foods starts with just a small teaspoon of food and builds up to three solid meals a day, a task that sounds simple but the truth is, getting it right can be more difficult than you think.  We have created The Bumbles™ Cookery Club to help you and support you through this time.

Workshop Structure
(about 3 hours)

  • Stage 1 : Baby Led Weaning & The Weaning Window
  • Stage 2 : Creating an Explorer
  • Stage 3 : Becoming Independent
  • Stage 4 : Toddler Years and Joining the Family

Stage 1 : Baby Led Weaning & The Weaning Window

You have 6 months to give your little one a good start in life, not only is your baby growing fast but they have some very specific nutritional needs that you need to fulfill. 

In Stage 1 we look at the introduction of first foods, we discuss the foods to avoid and the reasons behind this, as well as the practical side of preparing, cooking and storing baby food.  

Stage 2 : Creating an Explorer

Mom, it’s time to introduce baby to more texture and delicious new flavours!

Stage 2 focuses on the nutritional content more carefully, as beyond 6 months babies rely on their food to give them the energy and goodness that they need to grow.  We discuss the question of allergies, introduction of foods and the importance of texture change, self feeding and making nutrition easy.

 Stage 3 : Becoming Independent

The words “just smile and wave” come to mind, as the next few months it's all about letting baby take the spoon and master the art of self feeding!

Bumbles™ loves babies being more independent, introducing wonderfully strong flavours and moving on to get them chewing and Stage 3 is all about what we love.  We discuss the super food league and focus on baby's nutritional needs.  

Stage 4 : Toddler Years & Joining the Family

The Bumbles™ Cookery Club celebrates the fact that the weaning mission is nearly complete, no more mushy food and we bet our bottom dollar that you are happy to see the back of it!  The next steps are about including your toddler into the family meals and introducing structure into meal times.  

Want to find out more on creating lots of delicious adult friendly meals, all tried and tested!  Join us to get our quick and easy recipes from The Bumbles™ Cookery Club Weaning Workshop.

Keep on track by giving good healthy food to your toddler, try to hold off on all sugary treats for as long as possible.