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The Bumbles™ Cookery Club hosts workshops created to guide and support moms through the difficult stages of weaning baby onto solids. Our awesome instructors teach you the importance of each stage, as well as when and how to introduce each new food group. You'll even learn how to create delicious, nutritionally balance meals that the whole family will enjoy!


Tertia Alkema

I am a Doula and Childbirth Educator by profession, but most importantly I am a wife and a mom to two amazing boys. My passion in life is all about baby - from pregnancy, labour, birth, and breastfeeding, to education and parenting. I believe by teaching, mothers find their inborn instincts. By encouraging moms to follow their hearts, I can help them become confident mothers that dance through life with their families in their own rhythms.

North & West Johannesburg


Chrissie Smith-Schuler

I am a certified Doula and Postpartum Doula, as well as mom to a beautiful daughter.  Becoming an Instructor for The Bumbles™ Cookery Club has allowed me to continue to follow my passion in postnatal care and help moms get on the right road to healthy eating. 

South & East Johannesburg



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Provide guidance and support to moms who are weaning their little ones. Contact us for more information.

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