The Bumbles™ Cookery Club

The Bumbles™ Cookery Club offers detailed workshops for each vital stage of the weaning process, as well a support and social group for moms to enjoy.

Our goal is to guide and assist moms, and dads, through the different weaning stages and to understand and learn the importance of each stage, when to introduce each food group and how to create delicious, nutritionally balanced meals not only for your little one but for the whole family. 



Meet our Team of Experts

We are proud to have Meg Faure, Sr. Ann Botes and Tertia Alkema whom are all leaders in the field of baby care, part of the Bumbles™ in-house Team of Experts.

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Bumbles™ baby food range is good for your little one.

The Bumbles™ baby food range has been carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of babies of specific ages.

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The Bumbles™ range was created by Billie-Clare.

Learn more about how this loving mom was inspired to create nutritional and delicious food for little ones.

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